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The Curious Case of the Wild Card Chase

On the final day of the regular season, the American League and National League chase for the wild card slots proved just that.

It was straight out of Hollywood. Storybook. In fact, the best writers couldn’t have created a more compelling storyline.

No team in the history of the Wild Card Era let an eight-game lead slide, much less two franchises. While the Atlanta Braves became the FIRST to do so, the Boston Red Sox one-upped their NL counterparts. Read the rest of this entry


The Season That Almost Was

Stranded on an island, they come together, frantically brainstorming ways to get back to solid ground, ways to simply survive. Their heads barely eclipse the white-capped water during the storm, but no shoreline is in site. They become submerged, and their air supply thins.

Lost. That’s the 2011 season of one Major League Baseball Team. This is the story of the rise and even quicker fall of the Pittsburgh Pirates – the Jekyll and Hyde of the MLB. Read the rest of this entry

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