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Heisman Horse Race: The Finalists

The regular season may have ended. There may not be any more conference championships. It may seem like the season expired quicker than Urban Meyer’s broadcasting career. Truth is, we still have a lot to look forward to.

Bowl season has arrived. Award ceremonies have begun. The top Heisman candidates have made their closing arguments and now must wait for the jury to return with a verdict.

Before selecting the Heisman winner for 2011, here’s a look at where each man stands and how the hardware can find its way into their laps. Read the rest of this entry


Heisman Horse Race: Down the Stretch

After making the final turn and heading down the home stretch, five players find themselves ahead of the pack, vying for the Holy Grail of college football treasures.

Out of more than 10,000 athletes that suit up in the FBS, these 10 are making their cases to be enshrined in one of the most prominent fraternities in the world.

Records have fallen. Powerhouses have folded. After 13 weeks, the true contenders have been weeded out from the pretenders. For some of these candidates, one last game is on the docket – one last chance to prove their worthiness of a trip to New York City. Read the rest of this entry

Heisman Horse Race: The Perfect Storm

An earthquake shook the Northwest. Tornadoes swept through Ames and Waco. Clemson’s bus broke down on the way to Raleigh, so they sent equipment managers, waterboys, ball boys, etc.

Combined, these disasters created one perfect storm, wreaking havoc among the top of the BCS standings and stirring up title talks.

For just the second time since the BCS came into play, three of the top five teams lost in the same weekend, allowing three programs from the same conference – nay, the same division – sit atop the rankings for the first time in BCS history.

Following in chaotic fashion is the Heisman Horse Race. Candidates have shuffled around the last two weeks, trying to find a toe hold to propel themselves to the front of the pack. The two front-runners remain the same, but nothing is safe as the final weeks, which promise to be edge-of-the-seat worthy, approach us. Read the rest of this entry

High-Flying Ducks Soar Into Title Picture

As quickly as they were discounted after falling to No. 4 LSU in the season-opener, the Oregon Ducks surged back into the BCS conversation after dismantling No. 4 Stanford on Saturday.

The Ducks could conceivably climb the rankings, and with a lot of help they could get back into the BCS title race. Just don’t count on it.

The voters aren’t going to forget Saturday’s beatdown. And although the Ducks will certainly get better, there wasn’t much to inspire confidence that the Ducks could run the table.

As great as the guy is at his job, George Schroeder must look at this, cringe, crumple up this story and toss it aside like the Ducks did that season-opening loss.

That game’s in the rearview mirror now, vacated in the desert and left for dead. Rather than collapse to the canvas, Oregon returned to its corner, shook off the blows, stepped back in the ring and delivered knockout punch after punch. Read the rest of this entry

Heisman Horse Race: Shuffling Leaders

We’re coming down the final stretch of the regular season, and several contenders are jockeying for the Holy Grail of college football.

The résumé of Andrew Luck took a hit with a 23-point loss to No. 7 Oregon, while Kellen Moore’s hopes of the Heisman – as well as those of Boise State’s national championship bid – were dashed yet again by a missed field goal.

While several players may deserve the ultimate individual prize more than others, history leans toward one factor.

Since the BCS system was implemented in 1998, nine of the past 11 Heisman winners led programs ranked in the top two. Seven of the last eight dressed down for the top-ranked team in the land. However, with LSU not having legitimate contenders vying for the Heisman, anyone could seemingly be the 75th member of college football’s most prestigious fraternity. Read the rest of this entry

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