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NFL Pick Off: Week 15 Playoff Positioning

Remember that feeling you embraced as a kid. That feeling that made you believe anything could be accomplished. You’d pull stunts that would make Evel Knievel or Johnny Knoxville proud. You were unflappable, You were invincible.

One thing, however, was your kryptonite, your one obstacle from getting to the ultimate prize. That tiny dune of vegetables stood between you and your haven: ice cream.

This past summer, league owners served up a heaping helping of veggies, repulsing the players union as well as fans. Yet everyone came to the realization that dessert waited on the other side. Choke down this pile of peas and five months worth of dessert was the reward. And what a smorgasbord of treats it has been. Read the rest of this entry


NFL Pick Off: Week 14

Let the countdown begin.

Two franchises reserved their spots in the postseason with the Green Bay Packers sealing the NFC North title and the San Francisco 49ers clinching its first division crown since 2002.

This week, four other clubs – New Orleans, New England, Houston and Pittsburgh – find themselves in some sort of scenario to join the Packers and Niners.

Let another countdown continue.

Drew Brees continues his record-setting pace, setting his eyes on Dan Marino’s single-season mark for passing yards while Aaron Rodgers could have a chance to rewrite the record books in multiple areas (season touchdowns, quarterback rating, most games with at least two touchdowns, etc.). Cam Newton surpassed Steve Grogan’s 35-year old record for rushing scores by a quarterback, posting his 13th against Tampa Bay.

If lockouts have these worst-to-first, record-breaking effects more often, the NBA better dig through the archives.

This week’s docket offers up matchups between elite offenses and downtrodden defenses. Losses become more impactful at this stage of the season, making the “should-win” games more important. The picks for Week 14. Read the rest of this entry

NFL Pick Off: Week 13 Garden Duty

The Turkey Bowl has come and gone, signifying the home stretch toward the postseason. Now is the time when the true Super Bowl hopefuls (New England, Green Bay, San Francisco?) separate themselves from the false-hopers (Buffalo, Philadelphia, Atlanta). The NFL takes up gardening as a hobby from here on out, weeding out the contenders from the pretenders.

The good from last week: picking Green Bay by 12, Baltimore by 10 and Denver to cover the spread. The bad: actually believing the Vikings, Seahawks and Rams could come out on top.

This week’s picks have multiple division leaders going head-to-head, powerhouse franchises having the option to mail in wins and must-win scenarios for struggling clubs. Read the rest of this entry

NFL Pick Off: The Turkey Bowl

What a great time of year. Families come together to give thanks, to catch up. Turkeys the size of newborn twins grace the center of the Last Supper table. It’s the football potluck, where each piece of the meal is represented by helmet stickers.

The turkey dons the Green Bay decal: the center of attention and the lynchpin of the meal. In the vacated corner of the table sits the Indianapolis horseshoe, stuck on forehead of the family member who attempted to host Thanksgiving but was shot down by the rest of the clan. Next year, he promises, Thanksgiving will be much better.

The Lions notched their third comeback victory of at least 17 points – the most all time. What could top that? Only three defending champions have put together 10-straight wins. The Packers are the first since 1998. What could one-up that? San Francisco can clinch the NFC West with a Thanksgiving Day win in Baltimore and a Seahawks loss, matching the 2009 Colts for the earliest point in the season to accomplish such a feat.

Both clubs highlight Thursday’s festivities, which marks the descent to the postseason. With nearly half the league sitting at 6-4 and within striking distance of division titles, this week’s matchups prove to be most important as the final weeks approach. The picks: Read the rest of this entry

NFL Pick Off: Week 11

Hop into the DeLorean. The NFL is turning back the clock and paying tribute to the best of the past. And one-upping them.

The Packers are paging their 1962 Green Bay ancestors, who started 10-0 en route to the NFL title. Denver’s quarterback rushed more times than he passed for the first time since 1974. LeSean McCoy has notched a touchdown in each of the first nine games, which the league hasn’t seen since 1986. Mike Shanahan rides his first five-game losing streak of his 18-year coaching career.

And, believe it or not, the entire NFC West notched wins for the first time in 10 years. You know, that conference that is notorious for losing. The conference that, eight times since 2002, has seen all its members lose in the same week.

These and more are on the line this week, as the season heats up heading into the home stretch toward playoff positioning.

Once again, this week’s picks look at the betting trends. Who will cover the spread, and who will flop? With an 11-5 showing last week, here’s a look into the Thursday and Sunday lineups. Read the rest of this entry

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